Rough Night (2017)

I didn’t know exactly what to expect walking into Rough Night. The cast seemed pretty good, the opportunity was there, but I’ve been repeatedly disappointed by comedies lately and was hesitant to trust it. Thankfully, it did not disappoint.

Rough Nights wields a brilliant cast, and Scarlett Johansson surprised me since I’ve never seen her in a flat out comedy before. Jess (Johansson) plays a crazy sorority girl turned squeaky clean politician. She is engaged to Peter (Paul Downs), and her best friend from college Alice (Jillian Bell) has planned the “perfect” bachelorette party.  Jess says goodbye to Peter and Alice whisks her on to a plane heading for Miami.

Upon arrival the pair meets up with their two other college friends Frankie (Ilana Glazer) and Blair (Zoë Kravitz). They arrive at the house soon thereafter, and the party begins. Later that night Pippa (Kate Mckinnon) is introduced as Jess’ friend from Australia. Naturally, Alice hates her immediately. She does not hide it well.

Everyone heads down to the beach, where the neighbors Pietro (Ty Burrell) and Lea (Demi Moore) come down and introduce themselves, particularly to Blair. After some awkward sexual tension, they retreat back to their home. Some point thereafter someone suggests getting a stripper for Jess to which everyone is all for.

The door bell rings, and in walks the stripper (Ryan Cooper) who gets a little rough for Jess, so she passes him on to Alice. Alice jumps into his lap knocking him backwards, and cracking his head open on the fireplace which kills him instantly. Everyone is freaking out, and Jess calls Peter to console her. Unfortunately, she can barely form a sentence and gets out something along the lines of  “I met a guy” at which point one of the girls grabs her phone and smashes it in an attempt to keep Peter from getting suspicious.

Turns out Peter does get suspicious and decides to drive without stopping all the way to Florida with the help of adult diapers and a shit load of Red Bull. The girls buy a burner phone to call Blair’s Uncle, who is a lawyer for advice on what to do. He tells them they could face up to 15 years unless they can get rid of the body. They attempt to dispose of it in the ocean and everything seems to go well until they notice the neighbors security cameras which caught the whole thing.

Blair begrudgingly goes over to get the tape, and ends up hooking up with the couple before finding out that the cameras don’t even work. After all that, the body ends up washing ashore anyway, and the girls store him in a closet while they think of another plan. Shortly after, a police officer shows up at the door. He gets a little touchy with Frankie so she knocks him out, at which point they find out he was the actual stripper they ordered, and they have no idea who the other guy is.

At this point, Alice has a meltdown when she finds out she wasn’t invited to Jess’ bridal shower, and all hell breaks loose. Jess goes off on Alice for being too clingy and overly jealous, then storms off leaving Alice broken. Two police officers now show up at the door asking to interview the girls. They breakdown and come clean, then lead them to the body, at which point the officers tell the this man was a bank robber and they were not in trouble.

Everyone rejoices until Pippa notices on the news that there were three bank robbers, and guess who the other two were? You got it, the cops. When they find out they’ve been discovered they tie the girls up along with the now conscious stripper and threaten to shoot them. Jess hears the commotion and comes out into the hallway to see what’s going on. When she realizes her friends are in danger, she tackles one of the men and handcuffs him to the sink.

She runs out to fight the other man which Alice ends up shooting. Before they have time to rejoice, the first guy returns having escaped from the handcuffs only to get run over as Peter drives through the side of the house. Peter and Jess make up and then the movie cuts to their wedding surrounded by their friends, no one seeming to have faced any consequences of their actions and live happily ever after.

I really loved Rough Night, it was refreshing to see a well made comedy led by a great cast. Peter really stole the movie in my opinion. Throughout the movie, they cut to his adventure down to Florida and every minute of it is pure gold from the police to the true love found at a gas station. I enthusiastically give Rough Night a 4 out of 5.

– DC


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